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One-click Deployments

Get the ability to deploy changes to your website with the click of a button. This automates the deployment process and empowers you to deploy updates yourself without needing a developer to log into your server.

Automated server updates and patches

Get regularly scheduled automatic updates to your server's core software so that you are less vulnerable to security threats. Avoid having to have a developer manually update your server.

Infrastructure Setup and Management

Get set up on Amazon Web Services and take advantage of numerous pay-per-use services and cost-saving strategies.

Version Control

Set up a code repository on Github so you can track all changes made to your codebase. Easily grant or revoke access to developers and deploy changes to your server.

Database Backup and Recovery

Ensure your data is safe with regular backups and automated tests to ensure that each backup is valid and able to be recovered.

Database Performance Improvements

Before your database becomes a bottleneck, implement tools for tracking slow queries and improve performance via proper indexes, better queries and other methods for making the most out of your server resources.

Static Websites

Get a static website for promotional purposes and host on a serverless platform to avoid the overhead of dealing with traditional web hosting or server management. A static website can showcase your service offerings, generate leads, and be a critical component in your overall marketing strategy.

Application Profiling and Monitoring

Get detailed analytics showing how each feature of your app is performing by tracking response times and getting alerts when things are outside of normal. Get a daily or weekly report summarizing your site's performance by measuring response times so you can make more informed decisions about what areas to improve.

Code Audit

Get a detailed report informing you of the structure of your code, conventions used, and dependencies. Get a list of security vulnerabilities and recommendations to make your code more maintainable, reliable, and performant.

Infrastructure Audit

Get a detailed report informing you of how your site is set up and what services you are using. Get a list of security vulnerabilities and ways to improve your infrastructure in the areas of reliability, performance, operability, and cost.

API for Mobile App

Get an API that drives your mobile app by giving your users the ability to save and synchronize their data to a centralized database.

Full Stack Web Application

Get a tailor-made web application that addresses your most critical business needs by enabling users to do their work securely through their internet browser.

On-Call Incident Handling

Get help when you need it most by scheduling on-call time. I will be available during the hours you have specified on a given day to handle any incident related to your website.

Online Payments

Start generating income by giving customers the ability to pay you via credit card on your website. Collect one-time and recurring payments.

Phone and Virtual Consultations

Schedule a call to go over your business goals or strategize for the next feature release. Get technical guidance, learn about cost-saving methods and understand your options.